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What the fuck is love, anyway? :icondeli73123:deli73123 2 6
Mature content
[Undertale Spoilers] Flower :icondeli73123:deli73123 0 0
Shattered Harmony Cover :icondeli73123:deli73123 1 3 Syltech Alternate Logo :icondeli73123:deli73123 2 0 SylTech Logo :icondeli73123:deli73123 0 5
I look up
at the ever slowly shifting sea of stars
the universe churns and boils
spinning around itself in chaotic harmony
stars are born
and in spectacular glory they die
yet from the perspective of a lifetime
the constellations are an unmoving constant
time erases all
but some things last long enough to be called eternal
a white lie to give us an anchor
in this ever-moving, ever-changing world
:icondeli73123:deli73123 1 0
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:icondeli73123:deli73123 1 1
These halls inide still resonate
with every step we used to take
they're only echoes of you now
I never thought I'd lose you
I don't know what I should do
maybe I'll never figure out
Banging on the walls like a morse code
(help me)
Searching for a way to another road
(can't see)
Sending out a cry from a broken heart
I can't stop when I never had to start
Wishing that you were still with me
(gone now)
Feeling like there's no way to be
(so how)
Living in a life that you don't cure
I guess I just need a little closure
I can't remember why you left
But I just can't seem to forget
and it doesn't matter how
But all I want now is a cause
a reason to keep moving on
it doesn't seem that likely now
I never wanted to replace you
but someone needs to take your place
because I'm broken here without you
when I know I can't see your face
I guess it never would have worked
but I guess I never really cared
all I want is someone to
get the hole in my heart repaired
:icondeli73123:deli73123 0 0
Chaos X8 :icondeli73123:deli73123 2 20
Fool's Errand
You say "April Fool's", but the fool here is you
making these claims and claiming they're true
seems like there's nothing left I can do
when you don't take me seriously
Just one of your many excuses to say
that you don't believe, but it's not just the day
how can I get anything out of the way
when you adjust yourself thusly?
I'd say that I'm leaving but you won't believe me
I know that you've gone to a place where you can't see
when you've lost all faith in the world that you perceive
what the hell do you live by?
:icondeli73123:deli73123 1 2
Choosing favorites, taking sides
sometimes I can't turn the tides
to what I want to do
for though there are some absolutes
many fights have twisted roots
that may or not be true
so when you ask me for my view
and whether I agree with you
I don't know what to say
when I cannot make a choice
I find that I lose my voice
and want to run away
:icondeli73123:deli73123 4 0
New Logo 2 :icondeli73123:deli73123 0 0 New Logo 1 :icondeli73123:deli73123 0 0
I think that might be the first time I've ever sworn out loud, at someone.
Normally those kinds of words feel so odd coming out of my mouth, but at that time, for the first time in my life, it felt natural.
What the heck is happening to me?
I know I've got it better than most,
and I appreciate all that I have in life,
but it seems like some things here aren't getting better like I hoped they would.
He doesn't yell at me as much as he used to,
but that doesn't make it any less terrifying when he does.
He doesn't hit me anymore,
but I still flinch when he approaches me.
Can I even call it abuse? He just gets a little too mad at me sometimes.
He doesn't undermine me, or call me worthless,
and I know he's doing what he does because he cares.
But when I don't do what he says and he calls it "defiant",
I know he doesn't understand me as well as I wish he would.
Then again, when I didn't have time to make a lunch,
because he was yelling me out the door,
the generosity of a friend let m
:icondeli73123:deli73123 0 11
Mature content
There you are (Cover Art) :icondeli73123:deli73123 0 13
Note: These are simply my newest art things, and may not represent my best work. I tend to upload very random things from time to time, so don't judge from just that!


This is absolutely adorable. very very cute. Vision: You set out to make a cute picture of Twiley (or at least I'm assuming that was yo...

by spier17

Oh my god, this is beautiful. Really, well done. Vision: Clear and simple goal, wonderfully accomplished. 5/5 Originality: I've never s...

This is my first critique on MLP fanart, and it's long overdue. First off let me just say that this is absolutely adorable. Vision: It'...

by Yazur

Honestly, I don't know what you were going for here. It's kind of bland and there's way too much empty space. The building is fairly we...

Sometimes I do critiques. =P


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So I've been kind of inactive for a while, huh? Well, I'm probably gonna be posting stuff on here soon (I hope), but for now I'll just leave you with a shocking little bit of news...

I no longer hate FlutterDash.
(queue collective gasp)
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